Saturday, February 22, 2014

Long Time No See

Long time no see . It's been a few months . I doubt people would wanna read my blog but why not give it shot . But a lot of things have happened. And I'm ready to speak about it or write about it how ever you want to take it . But I've been growing to be a fan of lohanthony. He's just amazing

                   You see ? How could you resist that gorgeous face��

Anywhoooooooo, I would like to give you a piece of advice now that I'm back. The months I haven't          been blogging I've learned a lot of things. I'm going to give you step by step my advice
1. Trust no one but your family. 
2. Don't be so Hard on yourself. 
3. Keep your head held high and 
your middle finger higher.
4. "Don't make permanent decisions 
On temporary feelings"

Those are things I'm going to talk about throughout the times I blog so if anyone reading is a nosey bitch put your nosiness to a good use. 

We'll I'm glad to be back writing hope you are too . Enjoy☺️

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Leave Me Alone.

Harass me one more time i'm going to seriously going to get a paper saying you can't be around me by the mother fucking law.
Like seriously? How many damn times have I told you to leave me alone and that I don't like you? How many? UH HUH BITCH 10 MILLION TIMES. I don't want yo ugly ass damn YOU DONT UNDERSTAND THE WORDS COMING OUT OF MY MOUTH.
Today at lunch he sat accross from me and everyone at lunch said hey k***** Do what you said you were gonna do.
He Says: ok, Camilla Will You Go Out With Me?
Me: I'm gay
(I'm really not gay im really straight lmfao)
He, of course walks away. 
Everyones laughing and i feel bad but thats what he gets for not leaving me alone.
He looked like he was crying like DF? REALLY?
Dique he said he was going to bomb this school and kill himself?! LIKE DF?
But thankfully he didnt bother me anymore THANK YOU JESUS.

Thanks For Reading! Bye!

Monday, October 14, 2013

New People At A New School.

When you see a new student at a school you automatically say "New Girl" or "New Boy". 
Well theres a new girl or shall is say NEW GIRLS... Yup there twins but ive been hearing alot of bad things about them. I feel really bad for them. Like for example, People keep on saying (which I think is highly true).
First: They be your friend
Second: You tell them all your secrets and all the info they want
Third: They dump you as a friend
Forth: Then finally they talk alot of bad things about you and tell people all your secrets
and you know us girls dont like it when people talk crap abouth us it gets us mad tight and you dont wanna see us pist.
But I feel like people need to give them a chance. I dont know who they are. I dont know them as a person. So why judge them, you know? Everyone deserves a chance. LOL. but other than that

Teacher's are going crazy.
Well, What I mean by teacher's are going crazy I mean TEACHER'S ARE LITTERLY GOING CRAZY NO JOKE. Here's the story.
My friend and I were in class talking and she says to me "Sharing is caring" so I look and I see her and its starbursts and I say " can I have one?" One of my teachers was like no! no! nooo! and I said why ? He starting banging on the table and screaming and started throwing desk around and He shook it

 and said WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS THIS GOD DAMN IT!? We said ants and he said I hate it when you guys disrespect me. I hate it. So basically he went crazy for no reason cause we didnt get why he was so mad -.- Waste of time. 

But Thanks for reading. Im Out. Bye!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why I have a serious face or why i'm so irrated with you?

Irritation..... DEAR LORDAY I FEEL THAT ALL DAY EVERY MOTHER FUCKING DAY. Just the word IRRITATION just erks my nerves. For example, I fall asleep in class and a teacher see's me sleeping they have the damn balls to wake me up. Like are you serious? You really wanna go there. Might as well.
well I cant do that

But I can do this....
Yeah Just fuck you.

Thats a lie. I have cursed in class many times before and I've gotten refearls for that TRUST ME I GOT YELLED AT BY MY PARENTS TRUUUSSSTTT MEE!
But other than waking me up from my sleep. other of other things erks my nerves. Like fake people. All fake people deserve to get slapped to be honest. 
What erks me the most are dramatic people like when they a 85% on a test they have the need to scream and yell and say oh my gosh why did i get an 85% LIKE DF? My ass would be jumping of joy. 

Thanks for reading! I'm out. bye! 

Monday, September 30, 2013


I am so excited! IT'S GLEE CLUB!
Well this is exactly how it is except i dont have a boyfriend lol.
Including my name has to do with singing I love to sing. Its my hobby, my sport, my everything! That didnt make any sense but i was trying to make a point. That it's my EVERYTHING.
I'm telling you I sing everywhere in my sleep, going down the stairs. Eating some rice and beans HEY! EVEN IN THE SHOWER!
I think everyone does that. 
But I CANT WAIT! To audition with my cute little turtle. She can sing gooooood! THE BITCH CAN BLEND IN LET ME TELL YOU THAT!

Thanks for reading. Im out.Bye!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Your so ghetto.

Why is it that teachers always ruin my day?

In school in every single class i cuss. I seriously do. And its not cause I want to be "cool". Its cause I'm used of that type language. The school gave me In School Suspension for telling a 6th grade that Karma's a bitch. You think why did I say that to a 6th grader? Well the little slick boy took my  case and I ask him "do you have a black zebra case?" He's says "no". I say "DF? Did you just lie to me right in my face?" He said "no seriously I really don't have it." I said "you know what? Have it. Karma's a bitch. Its gonna hit you in the back of your head." The teacher of course heard me. She gave me a referral. Honestly like I said i curse in every class. Why is it a big deal that I said "bitch" in class? She's so stupid and annoying and ugly and fucking GHETTO! SHE'S SO GHETTO. Everything about her is FAKE. Her eyelashes are fake. Her nails are fake. Also her HAIR OH MY GOSH. Its so noticible. Its like....
Lmao I bet if you pull it It'll come off.

But my dad was so pissed of. I warned my dad to I specifically said I'm going to get in trouble this week I just know it. He should've done something. We'll that's his mistake.
Well give me luck at ISS on monday! -_______-

Well Thanks for reading! Im out. Bye!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


The IPhone5c is gorgeous. Also only $99. ISNT THAT CRAZY?!?!?!?

I want it in pink. Of course cause y'all know I like pink. Apple is doing really good. There making buisness like crazy. Yeah i know i said crazy. CAUSE IT IS CRAZY CAUSE AN IPHONE IS PINK!
Yes its so gorgeous man. 
The thing that sucks is i have to earn an iphone. Meaning i have to work harder.... uhgggg im so lazy for that shit. But my mom said if i get A's and B's. I can get any phone i want. So hope the best for me. 

Well Thanks for reading! Im out. Bye!